Teams, Organizations & Schools


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Partner Schools & Organizations

Up to 100% Fundraiser


DAILY DING™ was founded to help provide local organizations and schools with an incredible fundraising solution that also connects local businesses to local patrons and customers. DAILY DING™ is excited to help your organization raise your next round of funding!

- Sports & Extra Curricular Activities

- Robotics, Technology & STEM

- Music & Arts

- Play Grounds & Exercise Equipment

- Field Trips & More!

Recurring Funding


You sell it, and you keep it! Your organization will keep 70% of proceeds collected on DAILY DING™ card sales with the ability to get following year auto-renewal revenue.

Parents, relatives and community members will get annual access to unlimited online coupons and special offers from our DAILY DING™ community business partners.

Easy to Implement


The logistics the of the DAILY DING™ APP  and CARD make it a simple fundraiser to implement.  

Users get daily updates on discounts and offers delivered through an iPhone or Android via the DAILY DING™ APP.

DAILY DING™ CARD: Users get year long offers via the DAILY DING™ CARD that can be used in the event a user does not have a phone available.